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Test af LOOK KEO BLADE fra svenske "Alltomcykel" HER


dec.2010: Youtube video med Helle Frederiksen "HER"


dec.2010: Helle Frederiksen - Danmarks bedste kvindelige triatlet - har sponsoraftale med LOOK frem til OL 2012. Læs interwiew med Helle fra hendes seneste besøg hos LOOK "HER"


Første test på LOOK's nye 695 TDF Cofidis ramme: www.velo.se


Aktuel annonce på LOOKs nye 695 top ramme som presenteres i TDF 2010: her


Aktuel annonce Kéo Blade/Contador: her


Michelle Vesterby: Dansk upcoming triatlet kæmper for OL 2012.
Se artikel fra Fyens Stiftstidende 17.04.10 her



Innovation is at the centre of the strategy of the LOOK brand. More than 169 patents were registered by Look Cycle International between 1998 and 2009 , to maintain its place of leader on the very upper range, it is imperative to innovate continually…
In 2009, the INPI awarded LOOK with the Trophy of the most innovating company of the year.
Look carbon pedals, adjustable and ultra lightweight, have already won several international prises for design and innovation, of which the last in date the prestigious IF 2010 design prise rewarding our new model, the Keo Blade.



At LOOK, we use all types of carbon fiber (HR, IM, HM and also the very rare types called Pitch which we group under the name VHM). Our strengths are a result of more than 25 years of experience analyzing and storing data on carbon fiber technology.


We utilize this data and our experience to produce materials with exacting properties for any given use. We were also among the first to use amounts of Carbon Nano Tubes (extremely small very strong hollow structures) in our resins.


The proper use of carbon fiber can achieve spectacular results in terms of weight savings, stiffness and improved performance.




The evolution of LOOK's revolution.
The design progression that created the Keo Blade is the result of decades of pedal R&D. Every aspect of what is important in pedal design was considered for the development of the Keo Blade; comfort, efficiency, weight, reliability and safety.


The Keo Blade incorporates a completely redesigned cleat retention system. Instead of a traditional double spring to retain the cleat, the Keo Blade employes a single carbon fiber blade that works in compression secure the cleat. The advantages are; retention of the cleat is improved, clipping in and out of the pedal is smoother and easier. The carbon fiber retention blade has a smoother transitional release arc than a spring.


The cleat platform provides 31% more cleat support the cleat than a Keo Carbon pedal. Additionally, the stainless steel platform significantly reduces pedal wear at the cleat contact point on the pedal body. The stainless surface also provides a better surface for cleat contact than the composite carbon body. Tne KEO BLADE pedal does not require tension adjustment. The KEO Blade is available in two different tension models. The #12, which offers retention resistance for most cyclists and the #16 for cyclists demanding a higher cleat retention.


Keo axles have been completely redesigned for strength and reliability. The new axles are oversized and triple sealed providing a new level of stiffness and wear. Triple seals keep the bearings tidy to improve pedal wear and longevity. Keo Blade is available with a TI oversized axle. Each axle is shock and fatigue tested. Axles are approved after a rotational test of a million eccentric (which creates the shock each revolution) cycles at 100 rpm loaded with 90kg loaded on the center of the axle. This is well above the required EN14781 test of 100,000 cycles at 65kg centered on the axle.




Keo fit is an indispensable tool for cleat positioning and adjustment.

It is a patented system developed LOOK in collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. Using a magnetic sensor it measures exactly the amount of angular foot movement during a rotation of the crankarm. With that data, you can find your optimal cleat position and decide which type of KEO cleat you require (red, grey, or black) for your personal pedaling style.


Once you've been fit with the KEO Fit system, you can take this fit data and transfer it to any other shoe brand or model. Cleat positioning with the KEO Fit will optimize the efficiency of your pedal stroke, improve your performance, and reduce the risk of pedaling related injuries (tendentious) that have been found when cyclists use poorly adjusted and fitted cleats.


Position memory allows the user to save the position of the cleat on the shoe when replacing the cleat. With certain brands of shoes, when replacing cleats, it's possible to remove the cleat and keep the memory plate mounted on the pedal (this requires a shoe that incorporates a fourth slotted hole). With this system cleat replacement can be carried out in seconds without compromising your carefully positioned cleats.


Compatible shoes: Bontrager, Cannondale (high-end), Chain (Carbon sole), Diadora (Carbon sole), DMT (Carbon sole), Gaerne (Carbon sole), Northwave (Carbon sole), and SIDI (all the line)..


2014 topskoen fra Northwave opnår topresultat flere steder.
Northwaves nye Husky Lobster er uden tvivl en af de bedste og varmeste cykelhandsker på markedet til denne vinter.
Northwave har igen produceret et fantastisk stykke fodtøj.
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